Points: 500

What is the Final Portfolio Assignment?

The portfolio is an electronic collection of your work that you will create using an online multimodal tool such as Google Sites, Adobe Spark, WordPress, Wix, etc. It showcases the work you did in this class and provides a virtual space where you can also provide additional information about yourself to a prospective employer.

Labor-based contract for a B

  • A multimodal website
  • Contains every major assignment
  • Includes your resume and bio
  • Reflective memos on each SLO
  • A FINAL Reflective memo about your learning and SLO 2 & 9

Labor-based contract for an A

  • Includes multimodal materials (photos, videos etc.)
  • A recorded video of yourself based on the Final Reflective memo

Why a Final Portfolio Assignment?

The portfolio gives you the opportunity to prepare a professional document that you can use to demonstrate your working knowledge of writing, rhetoric, and multimodal communication for employers. Unlike an examination, in which the teacher asks you a few questions to answer, the portfolio represents a presentation of the work you have done in this class, and showcases your abilities. You will create this portfolio so that you could, if you wished to, use it as part of an application for a future job. Many employers are expecting applicants to have a portfolio of professional documents to share, in the field of technical communication.

How do I create a Final Portfolio?

To create your portfolio, you will need to work on every major assignment in this course.

  1. Each one will be added to your Final Portfolio after you have revised it.  
  2. You will also add each reflective memo for each major assignment to the same page.
  3. You will compose an Outcomes Reflection, which you will house under one page on your site.
    1. You will be required to create a subpages for each outcome.
    1. When you address your learning of each outcome, don’t forget to provide evidence that you have learned what you claim to have learned. The “evidence” that you provide will, of course, come from the writing and other activities that you do this semester; use examples from those texts and activities to show what you learned.
  4. Add a final Reflective Memo that is addressed to me or a future employer. This should be a written document that reflects on your learning for the course and incorporates the outcomes for the course in a natural way (be sure you clearly address SLOs 2 and 9).
  5. Craft a thoughtfully and engagingly designed homepage for your portfolio. On this page, you should include
    1. your resume and
    1. bio/personal statement.  
  6. Finally, use the portfolio to showcase your learning of multimodal concepts. Use artifacts in the form of videos, podcasts, graphics, images, links to outside pages, etc. to represent your learning of the course outcomes.
  7. Double check all links and uploaded files to make sure they follow through, and keep your colors professional (neutrals are always good)!