Developed for the University of New Mexico’s ENGL 2210: Technical Communication course.

Multimodal Product Information Packet

Student Learning Outcome 4: Organizational Design
Student Learning Outcome 6: Visual Communication
Student Learning Outcome 9: Production and Delivery

Points: 300

What is a Multimodal Product Information Packet?

This Multimodal Product Information Packet is a reimagining of your set of instructions and product description as something that incorporates visuals and uses a modality other than just words on a white page. It utilizes visual design strategies and focuses on reaching a specific audience.

Labor-based Requirements for a B (255/300 or 85%)

  • Includes a written Memo/Reflection (attached separately)
  • Uses a multimodality that considers audience reception
  • Includes both your product description and your technical instructions
  • Follows some principles of visual design (CRAP)

Additional Work for an A (285/300 or 95%)

  • Excellent use of the principles of visual design (CRAP)
    • Has a definite color scheme (if applicable)
    • No warped/pixelated images
    • Clean lines

Why a Multimodal Product Information Packet?

As a technical communicator, communication happens with audiences across multiple levels. It’s important to be able to navigate some simple design tools to reach audiences in new ways. This new medium seeks to meet the audience where they would be reading/viewing product information (for example, an instruction flyer, or a YouTube video). I’m leaving this fairly open for you to experiment with, but know that this is audience driven and you will want to choose one before you begin the project, since it will drive the genre you choose!

How do I produce a Multimodal Product Information Packet?

Start by choosing which of the small writing assignments for this sequence (Instructions and Procedures or Product Description) that you want to reimagine in a multi-modal way. Next, you will want to choose a modality to use. You might consider one of the following, but can propose anything:

  • Video
  • Flyer
  • Pamphlet
  • Designing a visual text document
  • Website
  • Infographic

After you choose a modality, you will want to choose a program to create the multi-modal revision in. I strongly suggest you think outside of the box! Here are a few free, or with limited trial, programs (available online or on campus) that you might be interested in using:

Canva. Free online web app graphic creator and editor (ads, images, infographics, flyers, other documents). Beginner.

Piktochart. Free online web app graphic creator, mainly for infographics. Beginner.

Pexels. Free online photo database (royalty-free). Beginner.

Adobe Spark. Online web app graphic creator and editor (ads, images, infographics, flyers, other documents, website, portfolio, royalty-free images). Beginner.

The Reflection Memo for the Multimodal Product Information Packet

In your reflection memo, you will be expected to discuss each of the SLOs associated with this assignment. Please also be sure to reflect on the intentional rhetorical moves you made regarding your audience and genre, and the process that you experienced with those decisions.