Student Learning Outcome 5: Written Communication
Student Learning Outcome 6: Visual Communication
Student Learning Outcome 9: Production and Delivery

Points: 300

What is a Professional Portfolio?

A career portfolio is a collection of your professional documents that will be used to apply for jobs, graduate school, or other professional pursuits. The Portfolio contains important documents that will help you succeed in the workforce and showcase your work as a technical writer.

Labor-based Requirements for a B (255/300 or 85%)

  • Personal Bio
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter/Statement of Purpose (with attached sample job listing/school application)
  • Email template (choose one: seeking additional information, job inquiry, thank you for interview)

Labor-based Requirements for an A (285/300 or 95%)

  • Personal Bio is achievement driven
  • Resume follows the “verbs first” principle and CRAP design
  • Cover Letter/Statement of Purpose hits all listing requirements
  • Email template has a professional tone with greeting, body, salutation

Why a Professional Portfolio?

This assignment is designed to help practice writing and revising the materials that you need to get a job or apply for graduate school. It’s extremely practical in that sense, since you can simply revise materials for every job/school that you apply to in the future.

How do I write a Professional Portfolio?

Since this Portfolio has several documents, you will want to begin with the Personal Bio and explain who you are. Then, for the Resume you will want to list all of the positions that you’ve held (work or volunteer) with the duties and the dates that you held them for. Then, move on to the Cover Letter by finding a current job listing for your dream job, and write a letter indicating how you meet those requirements. Next, you will want to compose the Cover Letter, and finally an accompanying Email Template of your choice.