Small Writing Assignment #4: Web Media Recommendations Report

Student Learning Outcome #8: Content Management

What is a Web Media Recommendations Report?

A Web Media Recommendations Report is a technical report of a web-based content publishing or management system, which is used to host your company’s media before and after publishing. It may be a blog platform with scheduling tools, a social media platform with scheduling tools, or a complete content management for various social media platforms.

Why a Web Media Recommendations Report?

Since most content produced by content and technical writers is shared online, usually on website and subsequently through social media, it is important to understand what content publishing and management tools exist and what they are used for. Many of these writers also carry the responsibility of scheduling written and graphic media, so this is a great opportunity to practice using one.

Labor-based Requirements

  • A written technical report of approximately 1-2 pages double-spaced, or 3-6 minutes of recorded video or audio
  • Identifies at least two (but no more than four) content publishing and/or management systems for your chosen media
  • Compares capabilities, purpose, features, etc.
  • Makes a recommendation
  • Is multimodal

How do I produce a Web Media Recommendations Report?

Begin by identifying the type of media that you would like to create for Project #2. Then, research content publishing and/or management systems for that type of media. I’ve listed a few below to help you get started, but you are definitely not restricted to these alone. Once you have identified two that you would like to use, you should begin outlining the main features and how they differ from one another, or are similar. You can also compare costs and plans and discuss who might use these systems and for what purposes. You can even sign up for a free trial and test it out, or you can find demo videos on YouTube to see inside the platform.

This report is essentially an argument about which systems fit the needs of the user the best. So you should also be employing rhetorical strategies to guide the reader to the most relevant features.

After your report is written, submit it through your dropbox in our online classroom.

Social Media Publishing Platforms

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, etc.

Blogs: WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, etc.

Social Media Content Management Systems

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Hubspot, etc.