Student Learning Outcome 1: Project Planning
Student Learning Outcome 2: Project Analysis
Student Learning Outcome 3: Content Development

Points: 300 pts

What is the Writing for the Web: Marketing Materials?

The Social Media Marketing Packet is a compilation of several pieces that you have written to educate and promote yourself, a company, or a cause. It consists of several pieces (1 long or 2 short) that are typical interactions between a private individual or company and the general public through a social media outlet. Examples of this include:

  • Blog posts (long)
  • Social media posts (short)
  • Press releases (short)
  • White papers (long)
  • Video ad script (short)
  • Infographic (short)
  • Or anything else you can approve through me.

Labor based requirements for a B (255/300 or 85%)

  • 2 short pieces, or 1 long piece (come talk to me about your options).
  • 1 social media post for each piece (if not a social media post)
  • 1 complaint comment response to social media post
  • An introductory memo on the materials explaining the use and schedule.

Additional Work for an A (285/300 or 95%)

  • Shows consideration of audience for each piece.
  • Chooses a variety of genres.
  • Engages with social media marketing principles of engagement, education, enlightenment, advertisement, and promotion.

Why a Writing for the Web: Marketing Materials?

Writing for web marketing is an important skill set and requires a lot of versatility in understanding genres and different audiences. It also requires out of the box thinking, creativity, and an understanding of brand voice across genres. Creating this Packet will help you produce several different pieces that could act as templates later on.

How do I produce a Writing for the Web: Marketing Materials?

Begin by identifying the different genres you want to practice/produce templates for. Then decide the content you will produce. Will you focus on social media posts? Or might you produce a blog post and a press release with accompanying social media announcements? Decide what you will write about, then get started!