Writing for the Web Lesson Plan

Time: 50 minutes

Purpose: To teach digital communication across different web channels.

Materials Needed: Powerpoint

Powerpoint (10-15 minutes)

Explore the variety of websites, blogs, social media sites available; share personal experiences with their effectiveness, ease of use, etc.

Student discussion (10-15 minutes)

As a user, what do you use websites for? (information, purchasing, etc.)

How are websites useful?

Brainstorm a list of what websites can be used for, based on your own experiences as a user.

Name a blog that you follow or recently read from. What do you use blogs for?

How are blogs useful?

Brainstorm a list of what blogs can be used for, from both a user and creator standpoint.

Open up your phone/computer. What social media apps do you have/access on your device?
(show the Conversation Prism)

As a user, what do you use social media for? (news, friend updates, following brands/celebrities)

How is social media useful?
Brainstorm a list of the possible uses of social media from a creator standpoint (sales,
           branding, information)

Student activity (15 minutes)

Divide students into groups of 2. Have them choose one multimodal tool in the following category to explore (with digital evaluation sheet)*





Design creation


-Adobe Spark


-Google Sites


Evaluation of sites (10 minutes)

Share (10 minutes)