About Anne

Anne’s scholarship and research interests include nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature in the Southwestern United States, including Chicana/o literature, with emphasis on personal religiosity and spirituality within literature. Her current scholarly project, “The Curandera and the Virgin: Spiritual Healing in Bless Me Ultima,” analyzes Rudolfo Anaya’s representation of Ultima as a curandera and a spiritual healer who navigates the rigid belief systems of Catholicism, her own indigenous heritage, and the social gender expectations of her time.

Anne has been teaching writing, editing, and technical communication for the past 5 years. Currently, she teaches freshman composition writing courses at UNM and plans to teach literature courses in her second year. She serves on the Core Writing Committee and heads two sub-committees: the Textbook Scholarship Assistance Fund and the Technology for Diverse Students. Anne has received the Arms American Literary Studies award.

She has also spent time as a professional content writer and freelance editor for companies like Career Step, Young Living, and author J.S. Kirkland, in addition to many others.

Anne enjoys amateur nature and food photography. She writes grain-free recipes for her food blog, and bakes Paleo goodies a bit more than she probably should. She loves hiking, birding for migratory ducks, camping, and spending time with her husband and their two children in the outdoors.